developing core outcome measures in paediatric endocrinology

COMPARE Diabetes

COMPARE Diabetes

COMPARE Diabetes develops outcomes for Type 1 Diabetes.

The COMPARE-Diabetes group are developing core outcomes for trials related to paediatric type 1 diabetes. The COMPARE-Diabetes steering group was convened in February 2017 and consists of individuals who have experience in paediatric endocrinology, outcomes research and implementation.

The aims of COMPARE-Diabetes are to:

  1. describe the scope and consistency of outcomes reported in trials of paediatric type 1 diabetes,
  2. identify outcomes that are important to children, caregivers, clinicians, researchers and other relevant groups,
  3. create a core outcome set based on consensus across all stakeholder groups for trials in children with type 1 diabetes, and
  4. promote the use of, and assess the uptake of this core outcome set in trials of paediatric type 1 diabetes. 

COMPARE-Diabetes is registered with the COMET Initiative here:

Contact us if you are interested in being involved with this project.


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